Saturday, September 22, 2012

Three weeks more to go!

It's been a very long three weeks for many reasons.
1.  TONS of yoga classes
2.  Missing my sweetheart and home
3.  Missing my doggies
4.  WAY too much class observation
5.  Did I say TONS OF YOGA??!

I figured it wouldn't be a cake walk, but boy, this has been tougher than I had ever imagined.  I thought it would be hard physically, but it has been way harder mentally and emotionally.  Just being away from home this long and the 12 hour days has been draining.  I have learned so much and I am enjoying this journey, but I am so ready for this path to turn back toward home and into my sweetheart's arms.  I am counting the days now...only 7 days until I am driving home to Oregon and I relish the thought of sleeping in and taking a few days off from yoga and just soaking up time with my love, Matt.  Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand and staying in the moment.  I thankfully have 5 lovely ladies that have helped me stay in this moment and enjoy the time spent here.  Without them, I might have bailed and run home by now.  Thank you ladies.  You are the best!

Special wishes and love to:
Amazing women each in their very special way.  Thank the Lord for sending these gals my way!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Have Arrived!

Well, after a long day driving to Portland to pick up the new car and driving from there to Seattle to get ready for my training course, I am exhausted!  

The MINI Cooper was wonderful to drive though!  So much fun and totally suited to city driving, so with the gorgeous weather and light traffic, it was a good trip up here to Sunny (today at least) Seattle.

Settling in to my new digs for the next month.  I am staying in a converted garage/now massage studio/guest quarters only a few steps from the Yoga School.  It's super convenient and smells heavenly and relaxing, just like a massage studio should.  I am sure I will sleep very well while I am here, both from the relaxing atmosphere, but also from the extra long days of training.

So...tomorrow I will get familiar with the neighborhood, get my food stocks up and do some yoga, walking and maybe some sketching before the big first day of school.

Pics and posts to follow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Well, all kinds of changes have hit us in the last couple days before I leave for a month long teacher training.
1 - House deal fell through, so we aren't purchasing a house after all.  Kind of a relief honestly, since my poor husband would have had to move us all by himself while I am in Seattle.  But, now time to figure out what's next for us and see what the universe sends us.
2 - We bought a new car.  It's the first new car I have purchased in a very long time.  We settled on a MINI Cooper Countryman.  A larger, more rugged version of the original MINI Cooper, so hopefully it will fit our country lifestyle better and help us contribute to a greener planet by allowing us to park the diesel truck and save on fuel!
3 - We found a new home for two colts we had inherited from friends.  I just haven't been interested in working with colts and having three more mouths to feed isn't what we want going into winter.  So, while I am happy to see them go, it's a bit of a bittersweet goodbye as the big ego'd cowboy tries to show how incredible he is by rough handling a green filly.  Had to leave and come in the house.  I put my two cents in and they ignored it (what could a dumb woman know anyway?), so I figured I had to live with my decision and allow the horse to make the adjustments needed to get along with the heavier handed style found around here.  That's such a big reason I am so turned off by the horse world.  Dominating a gentle, peace-loving prey animal doesn't make sense and it certainly isn't in the horse's best interest.  Cowboys are a dime a dozen.  Horses are precious.

So...on that note, I am going to post my latest painting and hope to leave you with a prettier picture than I just walked away from.

Koi Pond
Oil painting
12"X12" on 3/4 profile museum panel

More to come from my adventures in Seattle.